Coveralls…Bold Move

I’m not talking about the kind a painter or maintenance worker would wear, I’m talking about the more fashionable types. Wearing coveralls are a bold choice because one bad accessory or shoe choice can ruin the look. It’s also a bold move because not many would go that route, it’s not the popular choice. There’s also no need to over do it, the coveralls do all the heavy lifting.

  When I broke these bad boys out back in the summer, I could feel the eyes on me, seems like absolutely NO ONE else wears coveralls. You would’ve thought I was naked the type stares I was getting. Just goes back to what I keep saying, 90% of society is content with looking identical to each other. What I’m trying to hint at is, try something different, that you don’t see usually and even if thats not for you, don’t knock the next man for doing it.

Cross-Body Craze

As for the cross-body wave that hit early this year, you can all thank Ian Connor for that. If you’re not sure who that is, I’ll fill you in. Ian is a celebrity stylist from the ASAP Mob who has styled the likes of ASAP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa and Playboi Carti. I’m not saying Ian created the trend but he definitely brought them back because as soon as he broke it out, countless celebrities followed suit, I gotta give credit where it’s due. Fashion powerhouses Louis Vuitton and Gucci also created cross-bodies and incorporated them into their shows. Everyone who is fashion forward, style oriented or trendy has hopped onto the bandwagon and you can’t blame them, it’s a great addition to make a simple outfit pop, while holding all your valuables in a safe spot at the same time.


Fall Back…

Since summer is over, I thought I would show some of my highlights for last season. First, a recap of summer 17′ styles. This year I brought out a lot of sleeveless plaid, cut off shorts, Adidas track pants etc. Not just any type of Adidas track pants though. I went with Adidas “traxedo” pants, also the cropped Adidas track pants, nobody around my parts went that route. My favourite look of this summer was anything with distressed denim. Dashiki’s, African print pants, Hawaiian shirts and graphic tees were some of my choices. Sleeveless hoodies were another item I was a fan of, they’re up there with overalls. Dad hats, bucket hats and fedoras were some of my favourite crowns of the summer. some of my favourite shoes to wear were Adidas Gazelles, Nike Air Max and classic cortez. Here are my 2017 summer Highlights.

It’s Cool When Pharrell Does It…


It’s cool when Pharrell does it–pairing long sleeves with shorts that is. Sometimes the weather permits it. Some say it’s frowned upon, I’m here to inform you to forget the rules and do what you feel. You can break certain style rules and still kill the scene. Sometimes it’s a little breezy but not cold so you just need to cover up the top areas more than below. I’ve always been a fan of this style of dress because it’s not what most flock towards. Long sleeve t-shirt, crew neck, denim or bomber jacket or my favourite, the hoodie over some basketball shorts. Maybe even cargo shorts or denim cut offs. Top all of that off with a nice, crisp pair of canvas sneakers or even Dr. Marten boots. This is a fall weather uniform. Pharrell, someone who I’m a fan of style-wise, is well known for this. In the first photo, I kept it simple with the crewneck, athletic shorts and canvas sneakers. Didn’t match too much but still kept the colours working well together. In the second photo, the colour scheme was in sync. The colours in the plaid shirt went well with the jersey underneath and the shorts. In the third pic, I went with the classic combo of red and camouflage. I also did what most won’t do and wore Rothco desert boots with shorts, keeping up with the army theme and for added flavour, gold frame glasses.

Keys To Outfit Layering


Outfit Layering is a great way to show off multiple shirts at the same time but it might take a little practice at first because you need to get the sizes correct. It’s a good skill to have if you want to display a jacket/vest, plaid shirt or henley/tee simultaneously. As far as sizing goes, the shirts underneath should be slightly smaller than the items up top. I love layering because it’s like a physical fashion collage of what you curated and it’s on display for everyone to see wherever you go, like a walking art display.

As you can tell from the examples up above, I like to layer with vests mostly. In the first photo, I went sleeveless, I decided to go with the sleeveless hoodie with the black tank top underneath and the plaid sleeveless flannel over it. The last piece to this puzzle was the light blue wash denim vest, it added some extra flare to this look. The top portion wasn’t too bulky so the shorts didn’t look out of place. The android sneakers were a crazy addition as well.

The second photo was a crazy outfit (in my opinion). Something about it was amazing to me. I put on the very popular short sleeve hoodie but I didn’t want to wear it by itself because everyone does, so I added the plaid sleeveless shirt to go on top of it. These two items would’ve looked good by themselves but I wanted something more so the quilted vest was a must. Then the ripped faded black jeans and the low cut Doc Martens were the icing on the cake.

The third photo was an idea that came to me while driving. You don’t see people dress like this often. I wanted the sleeves to be layered as well as everything else. I also didn’t want to wear jeans with this fit, that would’ve been way too predictable, so I went with adidas track pants. The blue shirt and the track pants play off the red and blue in the plaid flannel. The denim shirt is thrown in there so it’s not matching too much. The fourth and final photo was a very grown look, thanks to the paperboy cap. This time I went with a henley underneath a plaid flannel. for a little something extra, I added the denim vest. These three items went together exceptionally well.



Bucket Hat Ideas For The Summer

  There’s no rule that says you can’t wear a bucket hat in the colder months but I usually can’t wait until the hot summer to rock a nice bucket hat. I could be on the beach, chilling at a BBQ or just walking down the street, as long as the outfit is right. My very first memory of seeing someone in the bucket hat was LL Cool J in the “I’m Bad” video. The gym suit that he had on with it looked amazing. What made me fall in love with the hat was Omar Epps’ character in the movie “Juice”. The bucket hat style did fall off for a bit but had a resurgence in 2012 I believe. The main person that pushed the bucket popularity (in my opinion) was the rapper Schoolboy Q. Ever since he came to prominence, any appearance he made, he had one on. He single-handedly made them popular again. Although the photos above may make it seem like it was fall weather outside, that was not the case. For the photo on the right, I had went with an army feel (of course) mixed with a skater look. Camo bucket to go with the camo shorts, underlying army green shirt with light grey hoodie to go with both. The red Puma sneakers with the funky leopard socks were just the dash of colour needed to make the outfit stand out. For the left photo I decided to go with the over-sized cardigan and felt trousers. I stayed with one of the colours I’m very comfortable with, the army green is definitely one of my favourites. The bucket hat and the cardigan complimented each other properly. Not just colour-wise but for the overall look. Most people wouldn’t pair up a cardigan with a bucket hat but clearly I’m not “most people”. I had the intention to keep the sweater open for the sole reason of showing off my nice brown leather belt and the dope Bob Marley tee.

How To Use Camouflage To Your Style’s Advantage

  Probably the most versatile item ever… it goes with anything.  I did a post a couple of months back about camouflage and my love for it but I have a lot of examples (pics) of outfits I put together with the help of camo, sort of like my  Camouflage Hall of Fame. A lot and I mean a lot of people actually hate camouflage and want it to go away, I seriously sometimes wonder what’s mentally wrong with them? But they probably ask the same question about me, whatever, it’s all about opinions i guess. First pic, I did the tucked in look and if I do say so myself, it looks proper with the baggy camo pant and what made it even better, I didn’t tie up the leg bottom, i let it lay over the pumas and they add colour to the pic, makin’ it stand out (shout out to the skull cap on my head too). Next pic was an earlier post I did — People: “Camouflage doesn’t go with plaid…” Pic: “Kindly shut up please…”. The third photo was just something I thought of in the moment, I cut those sleeves off as soon as I thought of the outfit. What made this fit stand out besides the shorts over the long johns and sleeveless jacket, was the Bob Marley shirt peeking out at you. The 4th photo is actually the oldest out of all 5, this is from my birthday 2013, this is when i started getting nice wit’ it. Boat shoes with the chino pants and the denim shirt collar peeking out from the camo jacket? Then the specs with the fedora on top? Classic. As for the last pic, I actually have no explanation for it except for the jacket was a nice army green to go with the pants and the beanie worked with the shoes, which worked with everything else. 🙂

Do Weddings Differently

 Take a break from the traditional matching slacks and blazer with the nice little tie or bowtie underneath the collar of a prim and proper dress shirt… sometimes that’s boring, sometimes you need to push the envelope. substitute the tie/bowtie for a nice gold cuban chain perhaps? Or maybe no chain but wear a mandarin neck dress shirt. With this particular outfit, I went with African print pants to stand out and separate myself from the rest of the crowd.  Like I said in the last post, (African Print) they add flare to the outlook of the outfit. All colours involved compliment each other beautifully, the blue, red, white, brown and gold all work in each other’s favour, whether it’s how the pants lay over the shoes or the pocket square peeks out at just the right amount, everything came together just perfectly.

African Print

The look on the left does give off a retiree at “Del Boca Vista” vibe but that’s sorta in now (Bowling shirts are hot right now also).  Another thing that’s really heavy right now is print, in this case, African print is what I went with, it’s my absolute favourite.  To make the overall look “Authentic”, I added the wide-leg khaki pants and to top it all off, the all white Pumas.  Besides the shirt, what I love the most about this look is the brown belt, it comes together perfectly with every other item involved. Remember that you can also pair these print shirts with jeans and like the pic on the right, print pants with a solid coloured shirt or denim shirt or if you’re brave, maybe plaid, as long as the colours work together.  An even better look is when you wear the matching pants and shirt–So much versatility, you can wear to the beach, BBQ, party or even just chillin’ downtown.  Please remember not to over do it, keep the look simple, these print shirts or pant designs alone are already exciting by themselves.

Jean Suit Swag

First off, I would like to say that if you aren’t fortunate enough to get a jean suit with the pants and jacket sold together, that doesn’t mean you can’t get them separately and have them match properly.  Those are 4 prime examples in the photo above.  Honestly, at first you might mess up the hues and get an item that’s lighter or darker than the other but that’s cool, it’s part of the process, you’ll get better with practice.  In the first photo I went with the really light wash and kept it simple and wore the light coloured plaid shirt underneath for a really clean look.  Second photo is where I got a little creative and put the army field jacket underneath the denim jacket and for extra effect, left the collar overlapping like they did in the 70’s.  The third pic was a jacket initially but over the years i had got bored and cut the sleeves off.  It took me a long while to find jeans that matched and I’ll be honest, when I finally found the jeans, I wished I didn’t cut the sleeves off…it’s whatever though.  The black denim jacket and pants in the last photo was the easiest to match up for obvious reasons.  You can basically wear almost any type of shoes with a jean suit and look nice but in my opinion, any type of boots or trainer-type sneakers (like any Nike air max or Adidas boost) are the best union,  even canvas sneakers like vans are a great match up.  In terms of the garment underneath the denim jacket, it’s always a good idea to go with the classic plaid shirt or a striped or plain t-shirt and depending on the weather, a hoodie.  Remember to check my Instagram.


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